There's no doubt that 2015 has been a big year for Detroit rapper Dej Loaf. Not only has she released songs that many seem to love, she's touring with Nicki Minaj and even made this year's XXL freshmen cover.
The talented 24-year-old briefly spoke to Bossip on the "BET Awards" red carpet and talked about her career, the Supreme Court's recent decision on same-sex marriage and her own sexuality.
"I look at [ it like it] is what it is," said Dej, after the interviewer asked her about being hit-on by both men and women.
"It's always been like that. My style is different. People gonna come at you left and right with different things. It's what I present to the world, so they can come and say what they want to say," she added.
The "Try Me" rapper also said she's thrilled about same-sex marriage being legal across the United States.
"I always felt like it always should have been equal," Loaf stated. 
"I'm just like, yo, great, thumbs up. I'm happy [that] people are able to enjoy themselves and be who they are. Let's love. Why hate? Hate is everywhere. Why is it a crime to love someone and be with someone," she questioned.
As far as the XXL cover, Dej said she still can't believe she was picked for it. In fact, things have been happening so fast for her these days, she's barely had anytime to soak it all in.
"I've been waiting on these moments since I was a kid," she said. 
"So to be here and XXL ... It's still not sinking in really. I'm still kind of just like on the go so fast ... I'm not able to grasp everything that's going on, but I love it. I can't complain about anything," she added.
Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Loaf's new manager got into a scuffle with her old manager during rehearsals for the "BET Awards."
Reportedly, when the old manager showed up things got physical, and at least one person had to go to the hospital, based on a TMZ source.

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