When it comes to double denim, less isn’t more in my opinion. If you are wanting to try out this trend and are unsure on how to style it, it’s actually really easy!

The basic rule of thumb for denim on denim is making sure that the washes and colours are completely different from each other. This means pairing a light washed blue denim jacket or shirt with dark blue, black or grey jeans. You can do it the other way around with dark washes on top and lighter on the bottom, but I find that it looks better the first way as darker colours are more slimming on the bottom, creating a much nicer illusion to your proportions.

To cover another basic, you want to make sure that your pieces fit you perfectly. Pairing together a really baggy pair of jeans and an ill fitting shirt is not a good look, neither is the combination of a baggy denim jacket and bad fitting jeans. The key here is making sure your jean are slim or skinny and your shirt, jacket or vest is fitted. You need to make sure the cuts are slim, especially on the legs. I don’t think double denim ever looks good with really loose jeans, it’s much more suited to skinny fits.

So, these are the basic rules for getting that perfect double denim look and these work for both the men and women, you can’t really go wrong when following these, you are almost guaranteed to get it right. For those looking to elevate the denim on denim look to another level and make it a bit more interesting, I’ve also added some more tips below, split into sections for each gender and lots of photos for you to use as inspiration when creating your own looks.

Adapted From: The Jeans Blog

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