When it comes to double denim for the guys, there aren’t as many options or pairings as there are for the ladies, however, I think double denim on men can look even better than it does on women! It can have quite a strong and dominant vibe to it, which is perfect. Denim on denim for men is mostly worn in the form of skinny jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. You can also wear a denim vest if you are going for that rocker look, mixing in some plaids too, and like I mentioned above for the ladies, even tying a denim shirt around your waist, just to add that little bit of extra denim to your outfit.

Obviously guys don’t generally wear skirts or dresses, so those options are out, but I also don’t recommend double denim with shorts, there’s something about the proportions that just don’t look right, so my main advice would be sticking to just the skinny jeans on the bottom, in grey, black or dark blue and pairing them with a lighter washed jacket or shirt on top. Again though, make sure everything is really well fitted so that it looks as good as it can!

I apply the same rules for the men as I do the women in terms of wanting to wear double denim in similar washes, so if you don’t want to mix up your blue shades, put a printed sweater on underneath your jacket, have some bolder shoes, throw on some sunglasses, even a backpack, just anything you can think of to add some colour to the outfit and break up the wall of denim. It’s incredibly important so that you don’t look dated! Beanies and scarves are a great way of adding more texture too!

Denim jackets with fleece lining add texture and difference to the outfit on their own, which is why the pairing of the lighter Levi’s shearling jacket with lighter jeans on Zac Efron below works so well. Don’t forget though, make sure all of your pieces fit you well. As long as everything is slim, structured and fitted, you can pretty much get away with anything!

SOURCE: The Jeans Blog

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