I woke up very early, unto the rising sun 
No three little Birds, to sing by my doorstep

My memories were poor with bitter truth
Truth of my own derailed will

How did I become a victim?
How did I get to this point?

Where would I go to cry from here?
Who comes along when I cry for help

I know I can't change my past deeds
But I could use some new needs

But as the sun keeps shining
I would need to realize all what happened

I had loved her very dearly 
She had returned my friendly advances

I wanted us to be more than that which we were
She wanted to leave me in the zone

I begged to be her only true Lover
She ridiculed my thoughts of being with her

Then, I suggested the idea of being really close friends
Once again, she laughed at my pains

Every now and then, I was badly hurt
Hurt from the thoughts of being hurt by her

For that day suddenly came 
When I turned my fears around

I cajoled rhythmically to her house
With my own pipe, she would dance to my tunes

I opened up once more to her
Telling her about my deep affections

This time, I detailed my love for her,
Like a beaver sailing the opened waters

Once more she didn't succumb to my will
Once more she had hurt me


I Strangled Her....!!!!

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