Don't you just love 'Nigerian Twitter'? In the face of Gay-Rights-or-no-Gay-Rights, terrorism and generator fumes (in that order), we always manage to amuse ourselves. What recently got everyone's (at least the Twitosphere) knickers in a twist is the Bae Tracker! 
I'll be your translator: The Bae Tracker is a new app used to find
out if bae is loyal, or not so much. It's as simple as that. 

As a keen researcher, I took out a few minutes of my time to use the Bae Tracker, in an attempt to find out what it's really all about. I get asked if my bae looks more like Lupita, Dencia, Toolz or Jenifa (if you don't know who that is, you're one of the lucky few. Stay innocent.), how much contact bae still has with her ex- boyfriend, my rival, and if I have her debit card pin amongst other things.

They also featured three Genders including Male, Female or Caitlyn lol...
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