have come for our loving Kim Kardashian West and now they say she has on "Prosthetic Baby Bump" and it's not real. See their reason below - told you a few months back, that Kim Kardashian was likely FAKING her pregnancy . . . word is that she hired a SURROGATE to carry her baby. Now there's PROOF. Yesterday Kim K slipped up . . . and wore the WRONG PROSTHETIC BUMP when she went out.
You see, earlier in the day, she posted a pic of herself on Instagram wearing her 6 MONTHS ALONG belly. But later, when she went out . . . she wore a MUCH SMALLER prosthetic - more like her 4 month along prosthetic. The size difference was VERY OBVIOUS.
It's gotta be tough keeping track of all them PROSTHETIC BABY BUMPS . . .

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