Vocal composition mixed with a unique eccentricity of musical instruments brings about the best in a Song. Once the Radio starts playing the song, you wouldn’t want to stop listening because, for once, all you want to do is feel the rhythm that emerges from such musical composition. 

The genre of the song is quite confusing as it connotes the voice of a FUJI musician with a love-ridden sensational beat. ADEKUNLE GOLD as he is popularly known before venturing into music is the KING OF PHOTOSHOP in Nigeria brings us a new banger called “SADE”. The song which is his first song since entering into limelight as a singer and songwriter is one Song that commands replaying it. 

SADE is a name for a Very beautiful “Yoruba” girl and ADEKUNLE GOLD is trying to get her heart at all cost but she keeps on refuting his advances. ADEKUNLE is running out of time and he needs to take SADE home to meet his Family, perhaps with a beautiful child as well. Kudos to ADEKUNLE GOLD for this serene music as it speaks out the bursting feelings of a love-stricken affectionate man towards a beautiful lady. 

Download and Enjoy.


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