How many times have I warned you not to let that ‘’paper’’ or whatever you call it turn you to a lazy man? Since this craziness of yours started, you’ve decided not to farm.  Instead you, begin to memorize all manner of the oyinbo words. 

Let me tell you, I won’t condone this stupidity act. Look at Oyadipupo, the son of Oyagbemi, he’s younger than you in age but older than you in sense. At that age, he has two barns for yam storage but my son has nothing. 

Maybe when I stop your mother from giving you food, that sense of yours may be normal. It is unheard of a father still providing for a ‘’young man’’ like you.’ Sangode said to his son.
‘Old man, God will forgive you of your ignorance.’ Sangowale replied.

Old man looked angry, for his son has decided not to tread the path of his religion which the Christian folks call ‘’unrighteousness’’ and ‘’satanic’’. None of his children left the religion he termed to be the best except Sangowole. 

He believed, Sango, his best god gave his ancestors long life with wealth gotten from farming. He began hearing sounds which made him turn to the left to hear where the noise could have emanated from. 

He stood up worked to the right side of the compound and looked at the path to those dishing out public nuisance with the megaphone. 

‘Your people are coming again, holy man of the holiest God. If you know say na me born you, no commot from that seat because your blood don dey boil as you hear them but, if you wan die then you fit follow them waka up and down with that book wey wan destroy the masculine features in you.

The group of people appeared. They were led by four oyinbos including Ososanya, the interpreter and some villagers who decided to abandon their gods for the new God.
Praise the Lord all ye nations (Eyin Oluwa eyi orile ede gbogbo)
Praise him, all you people of the world (Ki gbogbo eniyan araye yin)
His mercy towards us is powerful (Anu re si wa lagbara)
The Lord’s faithfulness endures forever (Otito Oluwa duro titi lailai)
Praise the Lord (Eyin Oluwa)

They recited this poem persistently. Ogungbemi recited his on the bench he shared with his father. As the noise faded away, his father got annoyed with him since he refused to stop and thundered at him. 

‘Will you keep quite? Is like you’re mad with this oyinbo people lie?’ While he’s recovering from his harsh action, Sangotola ran to him in sadness.

‘Ha, you still siddon with this unrepentant boy of yours that has caused a lot. Abi you too don join dem?’ he said.

‘Are you out of your mind?’ he protested quizzically. ‘What happened? Talk to me? Is someone…..’

‘Please get me water,’ he cuts in. ‘Don’t send the devil deside you.’
‘You are insane and truly out of your mind. My son is not a devil. Though, he’s disobedient’
‘See,’ Sangotola said and paused. ‘As I was coming here to ask how to celebrate this year festival,’ he continued. ‘My spirit just told me to greet the god at the shrine. Getting there, I saw head of humans gathered together and…..’

Sangode interrupted. ‘Go straight to the point. Enough of the story of years ago.’
‘In short the shrine is destroyed. And not only that of ours. The shrines of other gods are no more.’ Sangode said.

‘Yee, mo ku, mo ku, mo ku!!!’ Sangode cried his words out in Yoruba. Sweat gathered on his forehead. His hands shiver with his lips shaking seriously.
‘Wait! Let me land. The most annoying thing is that, Sangowole, your son – the Christian convert gave the oyinbos’  clue on how to destroy the shrines of our village and this is the story of the gods.’ 

He concluded.
‘Ha!’ he exclaimed and panted. ‘Sangowole made sure Sango jade.’ he shed the tears of life. As he turned to his son, he saw nothing. The boy must have gone for envagelism.

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