I know you want us to have a good life
You have imagined me to be tall, dark and handsome, with meaningful pocket, polished accent and a great dad.

But please dear, I need you to know my struggle,
Eternity with you cant be lived in a lie,
Sometimes who I am makes me cry.

I saw how God formed you from a product of dust,
But seeking for your love I was overwhelmed by lust.

I saw you as the fair, curvy coke shaped body lady who sings in the choir,
So I tried a number of your class,
Lost in the jungle of fornication,
Bad friends told me that is how I am wired,
But see I am helpless and tired,
And I hope you are not also making my mistake,
Wired with the TDH syndrome.

In trying to find you I neglected heavenly consultation,
Proverbs 31 was never a criterion for my selection,
I am not even sure I can train up a child in the way he should grow,
Children equipped to carry on the longevity of eternal life everywhere they go.

The weight of my past weakens my quest,
So I stopped searching cos I can't find the best,
But all this time I was a boy,
All I knew was to play around with toys
I am a man with a difference now,
Patiently seeking n searching for "wow!"

When I find you, know that I did some things I'm not proud of,
Know that I used to have a kid in me with many scars,
But now as a man I will sparkle our star.

I am not a virgin in the flesh, though you have no proof,
I am new now, a reality I could shout on top of the roof.

I stood in front of the mirror and didn't see no TDH,
But I can be all you want me to be,
If only you can define me from the angle of the spirit.
Till we meet as soulmates.

WRITER: Alexander Similoluwa

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