I know you want to have a good life,
To be comfortable without having to tell yourself lies.
I cannot promise you heaven but I can promise earth,
Your happiness cannot be hindered cos I foresee good health and wealth.

I have imagined you to be the best child ever,
So I have chosen to be the best dad forever.
You won't have to compete with your pairs,
Cos your awesomeness will make them fare.

You will be the most beautiful child the world has ever had,
So you get to be favored even when times are hard.
It's funny how I might not have met your mum yet,
But I already know she is awesome, beautiful and set.

I pity her already when I think of the time you will be mine,
Cos she will get jealous of us most times.
I'm not a regular man,
So I can't be a regular dad.

I just want to tell you congratulations,
Cos your life will be filled with celebrations,
You will get a lotta promotions,
Your songs will be of jubilation.

Well, don't get it twisted,
I can promise you a good life,
But I won't give you the good life completely,
I need you to be better than I am,
So you need to do better stuff than I do now.

Yours Sincerely,

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