AFRICA YOUTH HOPE PROJECT is a call by creative African youths both in Africa and other continents to network and with the support of professionals, mentor aspiring talents to develop the creative African Industries by creating more value, opportunities, and training through travel, music, film, media, fashion, ICT and education.

The Project centres on creative youths and Professionals in Entertainment, ICT, Fashion, Tourism, and Education and seeks to promote a borderless Africa where the Youths are agents of positive development and peaceful co-existence. UNITED STATES OFAFRICA.

The AYHP is powered by music . As a mark of promoting cultural tolerance, history was made by representing youths in all regions on a hip hop theme song with positive lyrics of encouragement.

The maiden edition Theme song Titled “Together We Can’’ features Five Rappers and 1 singer from all 5 regions in Africa: NIGERIA (west), NAMIBIA(South), UGANDA(East), ALGERIA (North), GABON (central).

In commemoration of the International Youth Day held every 12th day of August, aspiring youths and start up entrepreneurs look forward to a communal life by showcasing their work and the potentials of their respective countries in promoting Art and value. #AYHP ia an African, non partisan, youth network. Together we can make it.

Listen to the voice of the Youths.


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