Do I really need a girlfriend? Or do I just need someone to portray my feelings to? Or rather, I just need a pretty good “plate of Oka soup and Yellow Eba” before I get started and ready for the weekend that is about to be the best I would have in years. Either ways, I must get my shit together if I ever wanted to get laid this weekend.

I am a really good fan of spoiling girls with attention, you can call me a sucker for feelings and emotions – not that I enjoy the “mumu” love thingy, I just always want to find a way to rig-maroll and get into their panties; in the end, isn’t it what we all want to do?

My ways would however pay off this weekend because Alex has called me up for his girlfriend’s birthday bash… Most promising with booze and smokes… otherwise known as Oil and Gas to my boys in the hood.

One thing that is about to raise my hopes high is the fact that there is this new girl interning at my workplace and honestly, she is the one I would really love to fuck shit up with!!!

Come on, she looks like the conventional type of girl that would be into freaky nasty things considering that she is from “South Africa but schools in my alma mater, co-incidenec? I think not” and moreover, she is got that sex-appeal that keeps saying I wanna lash you till you gas out…!!! Or am I just thinking this shit out?

Well, I asked her out and she said yes, sorry, I asked her out to the party and she said yes!!! Afterall, who is not gonna be interested in getting laid by a South African girl and according to my research/findings, they all like nasty things. *this is where I get to grin*… 

Keep in mind, I heard they like cars but I don’t have any, so I’m just gonna straighten things out with her! Bitch, we are boarding a commercial bus to the venue oooooo… 

It’s either you hop on or I get one of my regular groupies, after all, all I need is just to get high, fly, and laid!!!

Well, that still in the plan, I have decided to surprise her everyday till the weekend starts by showing off my collection of newly-made custom Sweatshirts… You know the packaging is all that matters in the Olosho business; I have sworn to spoil her with attention till I knack her at the after party…

All said but not done, I have told Alex to arrange my normal “Tramadol Dose”, Codeine measurement, and Refnol tablets because it’s all about getting high and fucked up as shit, at his babe’s Birthday bash!

Damn!!! I have burnt my Dad’s Agbada, I’m in trouble – I better hide it back in the wardrobe; 


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