Apparently, when I was about writing this, I wanted to do a love piece; I wanted something of intimacy that would bug the minds of my readers; the ones in love of course. 

I can’t do that, I don’t even know if it is my calling to write short love stories or poems. I just know that after starting and picking up the act Last summer, I haven’t really slowed down on creating numerous works of art considered as an upcoming Masterpiece (if there is actually anything like that).

I can literally fall sick at the sight of a relationship, probably why I am the single guy out of every 100 that hasn’t dated a girl yet. 

My brothers always have this to say – Never get into a relationship when you are not ready to marry, it costs you your sanity, time and money; you don’t really want that for your age. Marriage another thing that scares the living crap out of me. 

If I don’t do this piece, then you wouldn’t really get to know the helpless romantic behind the whole romance fuzz you’ve been seeing around.

I am not the lover type; Yes, I am not the relationship type of guy, and if you think it is because of what my brothers have told me, trust me you are on the wrong path. 

What is the point of love at this youthful stage when you can just have all the fun around you, jump from one place to another and disturb each other’s peace in a friendly manner, 

Yeah right – relationships are meant for people who need emotions and want to spend the rest of their lives being emotional. 

We are youths, nobody needs intimate affection at this stage, all we need is to play around.

Trust me, you don’t want to spend 89% of your life time being affectionate, when you are still going to have to live with one particular person for the most part of your life; you both sharing feelings you never knew existed within you and doing emotional things that you never thought could happen. Yes, it’s as deep as that (laughs). 

Take this scenario, you start dating from 14 years, you’ve had some setbacks in your relationship – probably 2 or 3 hit the rocks, you eventually get married at 25 and you stay the rest of your life married. 

Why do you want to injure yourself with a lifetime of emotions?? , sister why??? Is it by force ni?

Standing the sight of two young people portraying endless romance kills me. I can’t even stand the idea of someone calling my mobile phone every day, leaving voice mails when I don’t answer; then starts ranting about me ignoring their calls. 

Plix, you are not that important in my life. 

I don’t even do Phone calls, and you expect me to buy airtime every night just to talk about the same bullshit we say for hours, every day of the week. Why so much fuzz? If this is love, sorry; I don’t want a part in it, just buy me WI-FI instead.'

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an antagonist of a youthful love life, I am just saying – why do you have to put yourself through so much emotional stress when you can get yourself busy with so many creative activities. 

Try something today. Pick up your Pen and Write. Write anything, write rubbish, write away your emotions.

Oh Damn, it’s 7:00 am already, I better be at work!!!

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