It is an undeniable fact that there lies a sea of young people wanting to go into the entertainment industry. With emphasis laid on music and movie industry, this is evident and can be verified when auditions are called for by Organisations. In this auditions, you find those who have the budding talent and those who are just there for the desire of some type of world recognition, all are in attendance. Their talent is not necessarily along the music or acting line as it were and at this point the issue of purpose comes to fore.
Everybody on earth is born with a talent that can be developed, harnessed and channelled towards the right direction for the fulfillment of a great purpose on earth. Parents are often found guilty when information is gathered as regards the choice of discipline their wards end up when earning a degree. Often people end up hating the jobs they find themselves doing because for some reason they feel unhappy while some other children break out from that course of study and pursue what they are passionate about.
We must realize however that to fulfill the reason why God created us which we can safely translate to purpose on earth; it is imperative that we find what our hearts beat for, work at developing it, understand timing because in the holy book, it is written that there is time for everything and then explode.
The above was just a diversion from the reason I am attempting to write this piece. The music industry terrain which I’m quite familiar about looks flashy on the outside but underneath, hmmm… I bet if this sea of wanna-bes’ knew, they may not want to go into it which brings us to the fact that we must search and re-search about our desired field of exploration, counting the cost and deciding if we really want to go into it or not.

I guess, like they say, “anything worth having has a price”. The heart of the matter is this, beyond talent, hard work and sometimes even connections, you will be tempted to forget your values to sell records thereby exposing your body, having tattoos, and having sex with people of a certain level in the industry to gain favor and more; again for the sake of the spotlight at the detriment of the way people see you. One reason I wouldn’t blame parents who are often not in support of the “discipline” for their children is because, they once had at a point in time, seem not to lead an exemplary lifestyle which they don’t want their children to ever take.
Bem Abubakar is a writer and Artiste. He communicates via Twitter- @officialbemabu Instagram: @_bemabu 

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