1. When you’re not feeling any of the songs the DJ is playing.

Phone Bored
Why am I even here?

2. Then you hear that beat drop…

wait what

3. You’re still pretty skeptical…

sounds familiar
I mean, the DJ has been disappointing you all night.

4. But then you hear “It’s Young John the wicked producer.”

OMG!!! It’s Shakiti Bobo, It’s really Shakiti Bobo.

5. You loudly let everyone know that shit’s about to get real.

thats my jam

6. You quickly down some liquid courage…

liquid courage

7. Then you drop your home training with a friend.

hold this

8. You then make your way to the dance floor…



dance four
First minute; slow and steady.
dance three
Second minute; you still have your composure.
dance two
Third minute; you’re barely holding yourself together.
Fourth minute; you have completely lost your shit.

10. But then the four-minute glory that is Shakiti Bobo finally comes to an end.

ugly crying
It’s over.

11. And you have to leave the dance floor, with everyone judging you.

leave dance floor
Don’t look at me.

12. Now you’re back to the bar, on your phone, pretending you didn’t just shame your ancestors.

Phone Bored
But it was totally worth it.
Images: Giphy
How does Shakiti Bobo make you feel when it comes on at the club?

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