Obviously, Drake isnt done with Meek Mill yet... Earlier yesterday, Drake wore this Tshirt of  'Free Meek' to the OVO Festival and he has now become the first rapper to present a PowerPoint presentation at a music festival, lol.

He collected all the Memes during his diss track/beef with Meek Mill and compiled them into a PowerPoint slide show which he played while he performed "Wanna Know" at the OVO festival. 

The ongoing saga of Drake vs. Meek Mill continued Monday night when, at Drake's own OVO Festival in Toronto, the rapper was spotted sporting a T-shirt that read "Free Meek Mill" during rehearsals. A troll unto itself, sure. But the irony doesn't stop there. The T-shirts were made by OVO back when Mill was incarcerated for much of last year.
After releasing "Charged Up" and "Back-to-Back" last week, Drake's onslaught of the Philadelphia-born rapper's reputation doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. Mill responded late last week with his own diss track, "Wanna Know," which left Drake hilariously unimpressed. In any case Drizzy's self-promotional T-shirt game has been on point lately: Last week, while playing kickball with LeBron James, Drake was spotted wearing a tee that tipped his own song, "Charged Up."
(Video) Drake Takes More Shots At Meek Mill "I Haven't Took A Loss All Week" http://bit.ly/1gzlYXI 

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