It felt like I was looking at the world for the first time
There was beauty everywhere
In the lowlifes and in the mighty
In the wicked and in the feeble
In creation
It was wonderful
I was more in awe of my father than I had ever been
It was all his art
Speaking of his power and essence
Nothing was ugly
I didn't just feel it in a cheesy way, it was real
It was genuine
I couldn't fault the worst of things
Because I was weakened by beauty and love
Love from where I couldn't comprehend
My feelings were even of more wonder to me than what I saw
How did I feel this pride and awe and love
At the mankind I knew us to be
At the world I knew could be hell
But it was what it was
And I felt them all
And the pride overwhelmed me
Pride in my father
Pride in myself
Pride in my heritage
Proud in my ownership
Proud in my father's gifts
For this was all mine
He hath given it to me in Christ
And given me rulership over it all
And placed me at his right hand in Christ
And given me everything
Oh to behold what was mine
And feel the unending love my father had for us all
It was a beauty like no other
And all I could say was
Wow!, Gracias Padre

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