Every girl or woman wants to believe and be told that they are beautiful. Now to the matter, discussing this article the first question that came to my mind is 'being pretty and being beautiful, are they same?'. If you're also pondering over that then i have another question which is;  why do we have 'beauty paegents' not 'pretty paegents'?. Well my own conclusion is that the organizers were looking for what qualities these contestants had in their minds,skills and hearts. However it's just such a pity that most people especially our guys take being pretty and sexy for being beautiful, although i don't deny that being pretty adds to the beauty too but what happens when old age comes?...Here is what men had to say(i got jared and harry's response online)

Kunle :
What the Man see isn't the crux, rather it's the Man's intent that spurs such comment; intents such as: 1. wanting to encourage the lady or make her happy;
2. Sometimes, a polite way of saying she is "Sexy"

To be elegant is to be strong and assured in who you are and to move gently within that energy.

If she's pretty and she's not intelligent, she's not beautiful

What makes a woman beautiful besides physical attractiveness is love for oneself and others, confidence, self respect, as well as respect for others, empathy, curiosity and an open mind. And, independence too, but a willingness to depend on others

This is an easy one. A beautiful mind makes a beautiful woman. As we age, and our looks begin to fade, the exterior becomes less significant. Sure, I want a woman who takes pride in her appearance and dresses nicely, but looks only take you so far. well...men are attracted basically by what they see...this is where whatever  develops starts from t also makes sex a lot more enjoyable.  Also, if she has depth and intelligence, and I can learn things from her, it will make me a richer man..

And now this is the part that i agree mostly with...
Ade: well...men are attracted basically by what they see...this is where whatever develops starts from. He is first attracted to her..."beauty"....though she may not be a beauty queen but she is pleasing to him in one way or the other...this doesn't necessarily mean he wants to go to bed with her..but something within him is stirred up and he may not be able to explain.
He will simply put it as ....you are beautiful, ask him what is beautiful about her, he might not be able to say a word , that's one other reason they say...beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
It's relative in men...

Isn't this so true or making sense?

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