The popular internet Newspaper for Young readers, Y! Naija, have finally unveiled their Football community website where Sports lovers can literally argue about opinions and other interesting stuffs. 

The site which was created earlier this week features numerous commendable portal designs that allows users the chance to create a room for posts.

Sources also claim that they are looking forward to creating a channel where people can bet.

All you need to do is Register/Sign Up to be a member of this Community. visit Y! Football today Guys

Y! Football is a community for all football lovers to connect and have healthy discussions about the sport they love. Think of it as our little beer parlor on the internet for football banter.For our little community to thrive, there needs to be certain rules in place.
  1. Be polite. You're talking to real people and not bots, they have feelings.
  1. Don't spam. Nobody likes a spammer.
  1. Keep all discussion on topic.
  1. Do not be offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic.
  1. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.
  1. You must provide sources for news/quotes.
  1. No advertising or press releases. We don't care what your company does.
  1. No duplicate threads
  1. All match discussion should go in the Match Threads.

Simple stuff, no?
Now, go forth and prosper, friends!

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