New things tend to happen every day
Just like every other day
So what then is new about the day
When it's now like more of a routine
Growing up is a routine
Dying is not a new thing
Then nothing is actually new
I tried to start a new life
Then I saw the need for a new world
Unfortunately, it's the same old world
The life of routines
The life of growing and dying
The life of sleeping and waking up
The life of trying to fit into the system
Can something actually be new
Left in a corner of my room
I'm left to wonder
Doing the "rethorics" on my own
I try to do the soliloquy
Then another routine happened
They just called me mad as expected
I'd rather be called insane for making a difference
Than to be called "sane" for doing the regular
I call myself different, unique....
Then I discovered many others
That call themselves same names
So I'm no difference after all
I'm just one of those who claim to be
So I came up with a conclusion
Fvck the world.
Enjoy life while it lasts
Just as my Bible tells me
Nothing is new on earth.

--- @Simi_teds

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