Suddenly, Just suddenly
There was this unexpected silence
No one was in the living room with me again
I went into every room in the house
My siblings were no longer there

The whole place became unbelievably dark
Was this planned to scare me?
Could they all have been kidnapped?
I pinched myself to be sure it wasn't a dream
Lo and Behold! This is happening

What exactly is happening?
I took a very bold step
I went into the streets
To look for my family
Then I found others like me

I heard them asking the same questions
Soliloquizing just the way I was
Also looking for their loved ones
Could all this people have been kidnapped
In the same City, at the same time

I was not satisfied
I needed answers to my questions
I wanted to find the root of this evil
I picked up the car keys
Drove to the next city

The roads were so empty
I only saw a few wanderers just like me
I found almost the same thing in the next city
People who asked same questions
People who seemed lost

Could this be the biggest evil ever
Maybe it's not evil after all
Maybe it's something that was expected to happen
Even though the time was not certain
Some people actually saw it coming

This event took me back to the Bible
Just like a thief in the night
So shall the second coming be
Can this be the second coming
The one the Bible talked about...

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