Is there anything to be said in this world that has not been said?, Is there anything to be done in this world that has not been done? Is there any pussy to be fucked in this world that has not been fucked? Is there any song to be sang in this world that hasn’t been sung? You know how these feelings come and you just can’t explain them – just the same way Wizkid had told em’ bros in Ojuelegba.

I have always been a fan of Music and Dance, dunno if my Mom was a stripper as her alter ego or my dad was just a pimp who found mama but either way it came, we always knew how to dance in my family and any Music, just name it and we had all the steps to it.

I had thought reading articles online on how to pursue a musical career would help me a great deal, you know what they say, If you’re looking for anything, Google is got the answer. I looked online for how to register as one of the students in the cyber-space and how I could get on-line tutoring for my music and all I could find was “Can you play any instrument?” Yeah, I can play you mom’s instrument (giggling). Truth be told, I am not a fan of musical instruments.

I admire the guys that played different instrument, is it, “The Saxophone guys always adding Sax to their name as a Suffix” or the “Guitar guys always straining their voices just so they  can get laid”, 

Yes, all of them. I guess I just never really had that vibe for those kinda music.

With the internet not giving me much of an opportunity, I would just have to stick to the Main stream songs of most Nigerian Artiste… I guess Music is not my calling, probably ranting over a ready-made beat would suit my life better.


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