You have captured my transiting soul in revolving trance
Your beauty has laid an enchantment upon me
I am nothing to myself
But all yours.

Your fragrance as that of cinnamon takes away my breathe
Your eyes; like sapphire dropped in a pond
Your body; a figure of holy unrighteousness
I wish daily that were mine.

What I feel cannot be explained in an equation
How I feel cannot be quantified in a thesis
You alone can solve this hearty puzzle
You alone can guide through this maze.

Take my sight away from other kinds
Hold me in the day
And I’ll pour my gaze upon you in the cover of moonlight
You and only you my dearest peach does my stony heart beat after.
Save me from this savage loneliness

Infect me with an incurable happiness
Every minute with you is like a thousand years
Walking with you will be eternity.

I want your heart
I want your happiness
I crave your inviting smile

I need your love.

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