If you’re Nigerian and you’re reading this, then you have seen the number of cars, houses, clothes — and maybe even jets that celebrities have; and their obscene display of wealth — in real life and music videos.


Anyway, today’s subject is about the Pull Oversinger, K-Cee — formerly of KceePresh.

He, as you all know, is a self proclaimed fashion icon.

via Information NG

K-cee released a photo of his shoe closet for his fans to help him pick the footwear of the day. Seriously guys, this is KCee’s SHOE CLOSET!

via Linda Ikeji

Yes. The same K-cee who dresses like this:

And like this:

via stylevitae
OMG I can’t.

‘I Don’t Have A Problem With My Fashion Sense; I Am A Fashion Icon’- Kcee

I’m leaving please.

CI_cZC5VEAAIlJH.jpg large

Anyway, K-cee, if you’re reading this, please help me. Thanks.


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