First of all, we should be grateful for the innovation of social media.

I think it’s the biggest thing that has happened to our generation.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have helped friends connect and strengthen friendships in many ways. Not only can we connect old friends, we can now make new friends all over the world.

But we all know that when it comes to technology, there is always a bad side, as social media has gradually become a cesspool of superficiality that might end being the biggest regret of our generation if care is not taken.

Lately, I have observed different kinds of people of social media.

I have taken my time to study about five friends I know from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I discovered that their actual lives weren’t the same as they painted on their pages, with the air-brushed and photo-shopped photos.

I know now for a fact, that this applies to most people.

Fine, It’s cool to package yourself on social media but that still doesn’t mean we should fake who we are just for attention. It’s not just worth it.

I recently came across a lady on Instagram, who preaches the bible and morals almost everyday on her timeline but she’s always the first person to get the brothel on Fridays… if you know what I mean.

As for the guys, many of them are fond of posting someone else’s car and money as theirs, and lie about everything just to get unnecessary attention, like superficial entertainers.

These are guys that can’t even afford a bottle of coke without collecting money from their parents.

It fucking freaks me out.

We should call ourselves to order.

We shouldn’t allow our social media character to be above who we really are, package yourself, stay tush but remember don’t fake it too much.

Source: Idontdull

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