“Hello, I’m Christina. It’s really nice to meet you.”

The greeting — mixed with a firm handshake and intentional eye contact — signified Christina Milian’s entrance onto the scene for her rolling out cover shoot. But deeper than the general pleasantries exchanged on this unseasonably warm winter morning, the directness with which she approached every single crewmember gave a greater insight into the mindset of this multifaceted dynamo.

Long tired of the waiting game that Hollywood forces many stars to play, Milian has forcefully decided to take the fate of her career — along with the welfare of her family — into her own hands. From successful television runs, to product endorsing, fashion development, and a still flourishing singing career, you’d be hard-pressed to find an area within the entertainment industry where Milian isn’t actively making it happen.

This whirlwind of activity that fans get to witness through her active social media feeds, or through the lens of her reality show “Christina Milian Turned Up” is all a part of the talented diva’s master plan. Every step of the way, Milian is showing the world her intentions to claim her piece of the pie.

And if things keep going her way, she may just take the whole damn thing.

Did you bring in 2016 drinking your own wine, Viva Diva?

Yes! You better believe I was drinking my wine during the countdown. That’s the only way to do it, bringing in the new year thinking about all of your endeavors. I have a wine company, and that was a really great way to ring in the new year, and celebrate what’s to come. It was kind of awesome.

You have many endeavors to celebrate, including your clothing line We Are Pop Culture. How did that idea come about?

We Are Pop Culture is my clothing line for women that started with just T-shirts. The clothing line is urban street wear. It’s for women that feel confident in their own skin, and want to express themselves. The whole idea is to play with modern pop culture and previous pop culture using art, and sayings. I also have a few unisex pieces for the guys, but I really want to focus on being great at clothing for women.

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