You probably don't  know this but Igbo people have always found a way of carving a niche for the!selves in every business they engage in...from Shoe making to Cloth selling, they are your best bet!!!

Today, we bring you the best hilarious caskets that high igbo chieftains have been buried in... If you're are from one village in the south, your Kinsmen my just make your burial popular!!!

Take a look..

1. We had our Igbo brothers from New York with the Timberland

 2. The G-Wagon came for a shining ride indoors!!!

3. The Money Team came with a Billion van and an HumVee 2!!! We was expecting the deceased to drive...

4. Birdman came for his goods....

5. How can they bury their kinsman in a Fish? No conscience!!! Even the fish looks confused!!!

6. This one was probably a classic man!!! He made it to heaven in his Brogues!!!

7. Even the Nurse couldn't save herself... Cold death indeed...

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