OJUELEGBA: Making waves around every corner of the city is the tune from the Yoruba born singer, Wizkid. This particular song has a lyrical intonation that explains the days of hustle and Tribulations. The Track name “OJUELEGBA” is the name of an area in Lagos State, Nigeria which is located in the corners of the rural areas, to some people, it’s called “the streets”, to others, it’s just a No go area. The Singer tries to take us on a root of his humble beginnings, days in the streets and how he rose to stardom. Just feel at home and get on the Natural Mystic groove, Ojuelegba is about to be a journey!

MUMMY MI: If you love your mother dearly, then this song should be on your playlist. Are you still looking for where the song is? Just google it. Being the only song that truly appreciates a mother’s love for her son, Mummy Mi is a groovy Song mixed in both English and Yoruba words that gives a child, the sense of belonging he/she needs to have. This song explains what the Mother means to a child and how the child should take care of his mother when she gets old. Mummy Mi means “My Mummy” in English.

CELEBRATE: Celebrate is everything to hear when you are just on that Wizkid vibe with your greens. Not that the song is a big jam or anything, it just makes you wanna get up and dance. Produced by Ace producer and mixer, Shizzi, the song goes so well with Wizkid’s voice that you would think he wrote the song for that beat purposely. If you are feeling funky and need a little movement of the body, just grab that AUX CORD and get on that Celebrating steez.

JOY: If one didn’t know Wizkid better, we would probably say his love for his mother is “Off the Hook”, Joy which is the English name for Ayo, Wizkid’s real name, his a song that is based on his mother’s advice towards love, chasing dreams, believing and Trusting in God for a breakthrough. To be frank, His career has been centered on his mother’s love and prayers and that’s what keeps him going. Joy means a lot of things and one of it is being Happy. Stay Happy and Keep believing because this year might just be your breakthrough.

ONE QUESTION:  We’ve got one question for you, how do you keep reading this article and you haven’t downloaded these songs yet? Another question please? What question was wizkid asking in this song? Well, we don’t know either! All we know is that Wizkid’s voice keeps everybody in the mood and making us want for more. Sometimes, we don’t want to listen to Highlife or reggae, Sometimes, all we need is Wizkid on that beat.

HOLLA AT YOUR BOY: Because if you see me drive by, don’t holla, wait for Wizkid and holla!!! Being his foremost song to hit the limelight, it’s a culture that you must know this particular song has a Wizkid fan and Loyalist! This song brought him fame, stardom, and money alongside endorsements, We don’t see why you shouldn’t know this song. Yaaaggggaaaaa!!!

LOVE MY BABY: Who doesn’t love his baby? Of course we love Tania too!!!

IN MY BED: One thing for sure is that we know Wizkid’s bed must be one hard “Mouka Foam” because he keeps getting them into his bed!!! Ladies would definitely jump at any opportunity given.

JAIYE JAIYE: Let’s pay homage to Baba Fela Anikulapo Kuti one last time with “Jaiye Jaiye” The flows on this song made it another hit from the award-winning Nigerian artiste. Even considering the fact that he now has two (2) kids!!! Jaiye ori e lo my friend.

SHOW YOU THE MONEY: Our man got money too, just take a look at the video and you would know for yourself. Having done the remix with Tyga, the song just came back hot!!! Enjoy the Groove!!!

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