Don’t get it twisted, we have all done this at one point in our lives.

SWO/GALALA: If you don’t know this dance, you shouldn’t be reading this article in the first place. This dance actually brought out the razzness in the music industry and if you could do “the stanky leg” at that time, you were a top boss. Galala was brought by Baba Frayo and Father U-Turn, later on, Daddy Showkey made it available for learning due to popular demands and they made this dance look like it was a necessity of life. If the song came on, you had to leave what you were doing and just get on with the groove, once in a while, everybody loves a good dance.

YAHOOZE: We thank Mr. Olu for bringing Yahooze into the Nigerian Music scene for without that song, God knows how many people would have died from boredom at Birthday parties and bashes. Yahooze was the Highlight of Nigerian Music dances as it came around just when we needed a break from the mainstream dance. Looking back at this dance step, you would vividly remember that we would have to “lean back, hands up, and thrust our limbs back and forth to get our dance mode activated.

ALANTA: This dance right here just distinguishes you automatically from the sane and deeply possessed dance freak that you are. Even the lyrics of the song already spoke for itself by telling us how “hot it was” and why you would need tanks of water to quench that fire… When this song comes on airplay, I don’t want to know where you were brought up or bred, you instantly lose your Home Training. It’s just normal that, at least, Artquake can be remembered for one thing in the industry.

AZONTO: I always use to trust my instincts when someone tries to punch me, my reflexes always tell me to react by dodging, well, after Azonto came in, I can’t recount how many punches have ducked my face all in the name of dancing Azonto. Proudly emerging originally from Ghana, they couldn’t really use it to their benefits so, Nigerians decided to adopt that song which made every dance step unique and electrifying. No Jokes, Azonto is a dance that the President of Nigeria would have thought of dancing. When this song comes on, only God can save you from your morals.

SKELEWU: We begged God for another and yet he gave us “Omo Baba Olowo”. Skelewu just literally turned everybody to an old pregnant lady trying to push out that unwanted pregnancy. Once you get into the whole groove and that skelewu song is already playing, all your “sense of belongings” just ceases to exist. There is no way that you will not duff your hats to Davido for bringing us this “Peace Dance offering”. Skelewu rocked the better part of all the parties which actually paved the way that set Davido out on an International tour. Oya Skelewuuuu!!!

SHOKI: In the words of Falz the Bahd Guy, “This is not a jokinn stuvvvvzzzz” If you ever think you can dance in a social gathering, don’t just try and disgrace yourself in front of these small children because they are the ones that really know how to do the “Shoki” Dance. Thanks to the once that introduced the new shoki dance into the Nigerian Music Scene, we can now freely bend our necks like a chicken on “Coccidiosis”, swerve with our limbs and do “the stanky legs” all at once. How they thought of this dance is still a mystery. However, people have argued that Orezi owns the original Shoki dance while Olamide’s protรฉgรฉ, Lil Kesh just popularized the dance. Either way it falls, we may never know, but one thing is certain, You will still “show me your Shoki”

SHAKITI BOBO: Who wakes up one morning, looks at his surrounding, and comes up with a dance like “shakiti Bobo”? Only the Five Star General of YBNL Nation can pull a stunt that would make people ask for more. Don’t even be proud about it, Old people now dance Shakiti like it’s a prerequisite for young age. Olamide Adedeji is the real mastermind and brain behind this Dance and he has made his mark in the industry by taking the Shakiti Dance go global. The sky is set for us to Shakiti because we have just heard “it’s Young John the Wicked Producer”

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