Yes!!! He graced our maiden edition cover but that's just one out of many things... our own Reeky TomTom is a Star!!!

Here are our reasons!!!

His Fashion sense is one of the best in the industry, he doesn’t mix too much colours to make a good fashion sense, all he needs is a simple shirt, ripped jeans, any footwear of your choice, and don’t you just love Reekado’s dressing.

He is Talented beyond comparison! When we first heard him on that “Dorobucci” track, we knew there was something that was yet to be defined by this yound and budding talented artiste and if you don’t like his Talent, take a trip to “Shit in Your pants lane”

He is Versatile: Like the saying goes, Haters gonna Hate, and potatoes gonna potate!!! Reekado banks switches up rhythms that makes you keep wondering if this guy ever gets to have time for himself except from Voice training and Studio sessions.

He puts God First: Let it be known that every interview he has granted has in one way or the other resulted in replies such as “Na God”, “God all the way”, Only God”, needless say much, God answers all his prayers.

He plays Football too: Reekado Bank plays football. Yes!!! The last place we saw him was on the football pitch, he surely wasn’t singing in Football jerseys and boots.

He is a good Dancer: Can you remember the “Adaobi” video where he gave us that “15 seconds choreography”? Yes, you remember. Well, can you also remember that “Chop Am” video? Yes, you remember that also. Now, what do you have to say?

His Intro is everything: If I was drowning and I heard “Rrrrrrrrrrreeekado noni”!!!, Imma just listen to it thrice and play dead!!!

He is Humble: Reekado Banks’ humility is one thing that most celebrities lack in the Nigerian music industry. Reekado is often in the habit of helping people and assisting people in need of help. You are having difficulties in comprehending? Just check is Twitter!!!

His Social Media is Active: Reekado keeps melting the heart of his fans as he keeps gaining more hearts to melt! Have you checked Instagram of late for Reekado Banks? He has nothing less than 6 “Reekadicts” parody account managed by his loyal fans and he keeps liking any picture he is tagged in, that alone makes him win all the ladies.

He gave us 3 hits in a week: We all thought Reekado was crazy when he released 3 tracks in a week. Now, those tracks are now hit tracks; Corner, Sugar Baby and Tomorrow!!!

Reekado Is Reekado: Reekado Banks in the toilet is also the Reekado Banks in the studio, if you don’t believe us, ask Don Jazzy!!!

He is Single: Our man likes to play around, afterall, he is the “Katapot Guy”

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