The Chale Wote Art festival has just taken place in Ghana's capital, Accra. A large stream of people both young and old poured onto the streets of James Town to catch a glimpse of the beautiful art works.

The works include street painting, photography, graffiti murals, live street performances, and extreme sports among others.

The festival has grown in popularity since its inception in 2011. This year's event brought together more than 200 local and international artists to exchange ideas and connect with the public through their art work. 

Artists in Ghana have always struggled to sustain their business because their work is not often appreciated.

But Matse Aryeequaye, one of the organizers of the festival, says Ghanaians are beginning to appreciate and buy art works.

As part of the Chale Wote festival, six galleries were set up to showcase modern Ghanaian art work. But many emerging artists say they still lack still lack support to develop their careers. The street art festival provides a perfect platform for them to market their art work.


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