You ask how I am?
I say peachy,just peachy
Even though I feel life’s pulling me by the arm
And I’m struggling to be set free
Things aren’t how I planned them
Very different from what I imagined
My dreams, hopes and aspirations
All they do is slither,like butter through my fingers
Suicidal thoughts rule me
Fetishes control me
Anger guides me
Sanity avoids me
I’m happy,I’m grave
I’m enthusiastic,I’m discouraged
My emotions in different colour shades
Red,blue,yellow and grey
Chasing the affections of a woman?
Chasing the approval of my father?
Chasing the happiness of my mother?
All these i consider trivialities,yet I find myself in this rat race of a life
“All these things you feel?” You ask
Nay,they are much more, making up my universe
But I’d sooner shove a bun up my arse
Than provide you with answers

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