​‘Twas upon a warm day, yet eventide did I meet her;

Short haired, deep eyes and a draughty touch,

Thus I did fall in love.

She like an angel did my heart pant for,

Like a river, she didst fill me;

Her cold touch ever so soothing,

She was my muse.

She loved me like papayas in the desert,

And like the lioness she did kiss me;

Yet in my naivety;

I hugged her like a canine.

In her gist; I felt enlightened,

Apotheosis; or so I thought,
My love for her made me like an eagle;

Yet I was made a vulture.
Reality’s truth did I abscond for her vicious massages,

Lost from society was I,

I found solace in her long withering arms,

I thought loved.

Like the Dead Sea I thus became,

Mind escaped from me,

I lost myself;

Lost to her damned affection.

Upon a poky row; she did depart,

Like the walls of Jericho I did fall,

Like Rome I crumbled.

My mind roams about my head,

I have inhaled the fragrance of the jezebel,

Yet her delicacies I feasted up.

I thus am trapped in a debacle of mine making,
Despised by society,

And caught in a catacomb of deathly fragrances.

Fejiro John Ibuje is a Law student from Babcock University and he blogs from https://magnique.wordpress.com/

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