Surviving in the new age is like mixing blood with sweat, there is so much of Hardwork going on in different perspectives of our lives that people don't notice. Yet, we all strive to achieve more greatness in our idle selves.

On the streets of Lagos, the city of Water and people, the Yellow cabs once raised a symbol of Exquisite transportation means for the High and Middle Class. On the same Streets of Lagos, the Yellow Cabs once moved and rolled around like the Camels of the great Egyptian deserts. On the streets of Lagos, The yellow cabs once journeyed around in very shouting but distinct colors that depicted the real Color of Official transportation.

Now, the Yellow cabs are dying- dying from the agonies of Patriotism, that which they once held high. Now investors have entered the Markets with new means of transportation, Business is getting slower, the wealthy ones have changed taste, The Private ones have taken over, there is no More joy for the Old Men.
Please, bring back the #YellowCabs we know.
This goes without saying, "Behind every normal Lagos cab, there is an Old Yoruba Driver"

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