Being short is something you normally can't change.

It's something you're born with; like an abnormally wide nose or buck teeth. It puts you in a limited position.

It's worse when you're a guy. People assume you can't play basketball,even if you can. Height-themed jokes are directed at your person and when you react,they say you're 'short-tempered'. 

The worst happens with the girls.

Sometimes your charm isn't enough. Your ability to make her laugh isn't either. 
Some girls come for the body like in that silly Iyanya song.Elizabeth was one of those girls. 

We got along so well, just like in those teen movies. Then one night, it all changed. I moved in for the kill, ready to claim my prize by swaying her. 

Suddenly, this guy she happens to know comes along. All 6 feet of him. The kind with the thick igbo-tic accent that makes you think of Onitsha even when you've never been there. 

All the months of hard-work went in those five minutes he happened to interrupt our not-so-alone time.

I'd never know what he said to her, but I do know one thing from that experience; being short is the worst lot in the world.

RN, i feeling so bitter, is there any pills i can use to grow my height? You know we all need love

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