"I'd like to sit down, somewhere, anywhere"
These words were joy to me; I was tired of 'strolling'. It was 1 a.m, so we found a nice quiet and dark spot.
She shivered(despite the humid weather) and I did the gentlemanly thing; put my arms around her. We had history.. but as usual everything was always so complicated and unresolved so we were 'just friends' (okay, so she never agreed to date me,whatever).
I noticed how quiet things were, and all the days of watching telenovelas and romantic movies with my aunties (story for another day) put in me a Richard Gere mood. So I held her face towards mine. and brought in the kiss of life. Now, this wasn't the first time I'd tried to get some lip action from Adura.. no.. I'd actually tried, and failed, a record six times with her. 
Even on days when I was fully prepared and the kiss seemed to be the only thing I came for on my visits to her at her hostel, nothing came up.. I always went back to my room with drier lips than I had come with. 

But there was something about this evening, and even as trepidation filled my heart, somehow her lips connected with mine. Boom!!!! The goal drought was finally over! I felt my heart do a lap of joy. The kiss went on for about two minutes( yes I was counting) till she put her hands on my chest and pulled out slowly. No! I tried to pull in for more, but she was done. 
I looked away and tried to smell my breath without her noticing; still minty fresh. She did notice however, and made to tell me that wasn't why when we were interrupted, rather rudely by one of those cunts you grow to hate so much; a member of the Man-O-War. 
What was special about this one was that he was bowlegged, and drunk! He started mumbling some rubbish only a retard would understand. It turned out Adura knew this one, and they had history. 

Well, he had totally ruined the entire mood, and even as I dragged Adura back to where we had been reading prior to the stroll to avoid a scene, he followed. They had a big row in front of everyone there, and I just had to sit and hold my hands over my head. I realised that every time I and Adura got close to getting somewhere, something always ruined it. And now, just when things were looking good, something ruined it. 

Was this some kind of sign? Were we star crossed? The answer came when the calculus results were out. I had an E. I cut ties with Adura after that. I didn't need to be a math guru to figure it out.

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