Bayero and Amaka had met while they studied at Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria. Bayero had been a 300level undergraduate of the Department Of Biochemistry when Amaka had just gained admission into the same department. It was her first time in the north, and away from home for that matter, having lived all her life in Anambra. 
Transition into life at ABU had been hard, as she knew no one in this strange land. Bayero had seen this fair,plump girl looking distraught one day as he sat in his favorite spot under a large oak tree. He could tell something was wrong,and against his better judgement had gone to find out. She was having trouble locating a lecture hall. Bayero took it upon himself to help her that day as he had nothing to do. That was the beginning of their association.
What started out as a friendship soon turned into a budding relationship.Despite the tribal differences, they both forged on,seeing such differences as fate’s ploy to forge them together. The big question now was if they loved each other enough to get married at a time where The Hausas and Igbos did not generally get along. Amaka had on many instances run into some trouble because of her relationship with Bayero, but because of her gender,had faced no physical confrontations.Bayero however had been threatened and even beaten by fellow kinsmen to desist from seeing her. However,both had decided to ignore it all and carry on as they had.
Amaka moved back home after her education and they corresponded through letters and fax.After gathering funds, Bayero went to meet her at Anambra,relocating there. Their love blossomed. Amaka finally took Bayero to meet her parents,and although the mother resented Bayero’s tribe,the father was pleased with his daughter’s choice, having worked in the north when he was younger and living with an Hausa man and his family.
Months later,Amaka noticed her period was long overdue. Deciding to visit the doctor’s, she found she was pregnant and three weeks in. She feared breaking the news to Bayero but did it anyways. On the contrary, he jumped for joy and asked her to marry him.News of Amaka’s engagement and pregnancy spread around,and although her family had reservations towards her getting pregnant outside marriage,they were happy.
Not everyone was happy though. Amaka’s union to a man not of her tribe caused stirs. That he was Hausa made it worse. The youth spat whenever they say Bayero, and called him all sorts of names. Elders went to Amaka’s parents telling them to call off the marriage or face the consequences. With worry, Amaka’s mother pleaded for the Union to be called off,yet Amaka refused.she would marry Bayero whether anyone liked it or was her life after all.
On the day of the marriage ceremony,while Amaka and Bayero stood facing the priest at the local Catholic church( Amaka had converted Bayero). As they took their vows, a group of masked youth stormed the gathering. Bayero turned around to meet a machete landing right through his head, decapitating  him. His blood did artwork on Amaka’s white dress,leaving her in screams. Bayero’s parents watched their son’s head roll down the aisle like a fallen bucket. The leader of the youth faced no one in particular and said “But we warned you. No daughter of our land will marry a cattle rearer”.
Damilola Koya is a budding writer and a Student of the University Of Lagos. He blogs from
Op-ed Pieces are thoughts of the Writer and do not reflect the opinions of Volts Africa
Disclaimer: This Piece of Art and every character in it are fictions and do not represent any real life occurrences. 

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