Heading to see my girlfriend at Madam Tinubu Hall one cold weather-for-two night, pockets heavy with condoms and a couple of mints, a couple of guys hailed me from a corner in front of the 2001 cafeteria. Because I figured there were enough people around for them not to try anything funny,I walked over.
"Ogbeni..how far na" the first said
The smell of alcohol and SK rent the air,but I was no stranger to these,and I was like a fish in water there.
"Egbon..I dey..I salute una" I replied
"Na so..straight to the point now" the second one said, "You know who we be" he inquired
"Egbon,I no sabi una" I replied again
"I see,as we dey here,we be Aiye boys.you know why we call you?" the one in the middle said.
I could've sworn my heart did a lap of fear it it's ribcage. I gulped and managed to find my voice to give a reply.
"No" was all I could muster
"Baba,you no know say you dey fly our colour??" "Abi you wan show say you get mind ni" the first one said in a murderous tone.
Looking at my hoodie,a wave of stupidity washed through me.It was black,of the blackest you could imagine.Looking at my pants,another wave of stupidity washed through me again;it was also black.
Realising my folly,I apologised,telling them I didn't know,all the while trying not to sound fearful.They exchanged looks and I saw one of them give a smile,albeit a crooked one;I hoped it'd be a good sign.
"No wahala,because say you no sabi,we go let you go with warning.. but you go settle us first".
Without waiting for me to speak,they all started making demands; one asking for suya #500,another asking for three cans of orijin,and then the last,quite outrageous saying he wanted no food nor drink,but money.To humour my angered self,I asked how much he wanted,and the retard said a couple thousands would do.I felt enraged! but common sense prevailed,and I kept my tongue in check;yes it was public,but they could track me down much later. I finally asked if that was all.they replied in the affirmative.I saluted them once more,and told them to give me a moment,that I'd be back with their goodies..

As soon as I left new hall,I took off,running with a speed that'd make Usain Bolt look like a turtle.. I tossed all my black clothing from that day onward.

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