From the very beginning of Ian Flemming’s touch of the Movie which had turned into a franchise over the years, The James Bond Story which started with the very “Dr. No by Sean Connery”; various questions have been asked pertaining to how this Movie has been able to stand the test of time and generational lovingness it has always been getting.

All thanks to Ian Flemming, the creator of this masterpiece, in conjunction with Metro Goldwyn Meyer and other notable people that have made this movie a story that has to be told.

When I look at the “James Bond” character, the first thing I notice is the exquisite and luxurious behavior of the role. His charisma, boldness and love for adventures is something every woman would probably wish for in a man.

The 007 Franchise sets us into the life of a man known has “James Bond”, an agent of the British Secret Service and the Queens Royal Service. He has been automatically granted the “License to Kill” in any contained situation and oh well, James Bond never disappoints. His signature introduction comes with a lot of Charisma and Enigma, “Hello, My name is Bond, James Bond” and if you don’t know this particular phrase, you should probably not be reading this article.

Tailored Suits and Top secret machinery/ equipment to aid him under his license to kill, the 007 agent is set to ride into the mist.

The Character of Bond also comes with some respectable known things, one which is “the Ladies Charm”. Not in any movie produced under the ownership of Ian Flemming, where Ladies have not fallen “head over heels” at the sight of His chiseled Jaw, Tall Broad shoulders, well molded face, mannered Tailor suits and a matching intellect.

James bond over the years, has had over 24 Episodes of different missions around different continents and we guess there is still much to come from this loving franchise. In Past times also, the character of James has been played by different notable Actors that have given much to the franchise amongst which are Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan; we can say “he brought back the new sexy after Sean” and Daniel Craig.

Oh Wait, We heard there is going to be a Black James Bond… let’s wait and see.

Moreover, we cannot also go without acknowledging the character that help James Bond discharge is Motherland duties without recognizing; Ms. Money penny; the Secretary, Mr. Cue; we can say he has every technology you need, and His Captain; the one who debriefs his mission.

In recent times however, People have voiced their opinion that “after the retirement of Pierce Brosnan as the last Character, other preceding characters have not really portrayed the real Character of James Bond owing to the fact that it doesn’t suit the “Classy” taste any longer. WE expected to see a much better show from Daniel Craig in “Spectre” but he only gave us a mainstream flow of the technologically induced Movie industry in Hollywood without much reference to the Charisma of 007.

We await a new beginning for the James Bond sequel.

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