By popular demand, we bring to you THE ULTIMATE MAN
When we talk of a true man, what comes to our minds? A well built muscular man, a gentleman, or just a man with with high taste and class? It goes beyond that. Many males today flatter themselves by calling themselves men. On several occasions, the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" has been wrongly used. It goes without saying that a man is made of substance. Join me as we take a little journey into the world of a true man.
  • A man treats women with respect. If you don’t respect women, you’re not a man. Period.
  • A man understands that greater happiness lies in helping others, not helping himself.
  • A man doesn’t stand still while the world passes him by, he continually pushes himself.
  • A man is a leader in at least one aspect of his life, whether this means his family, with his friends or just in general. But he can also follow. The world wouldn’t work if everyone was trying to lead in everyaspect of life.
  • You can depend on a man. You can’t depend on a boy.
  • A man is proud, often to a fault. He doesn’t “change” but rather evolves. Ladies, don’t try and change your man, but let him evolve into the man he’s meant to be.
  • A man doesn’t need to be able to fight or to protect himself and his family physically. But it helps. Hedoes however need to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe and happy.
  • A man lives for something; a purpose beyond his own personal gains. This can come with time, and with family. It doesn’t always happen right away.
  • A man gets depressed, he gets sad, he thinks about quitting and folding, but he never does. He pushes through adversity.
  • A man has faults. It’s important to understand this.
  • A man can laugh at himself.
  • A man takes pride in how he looks and lives his life. He’s not ashamed by who he is, what he does or how he looks, even if he’s trying to change one of the aforementioned.
  • A man has fears, but he isn’t ruled by them.
  • A man learns from his mistakes. Although he might take a few cracks at it.
  • A man does what is necessary, even if it’s the hardest decision, or the most unpopular one.
  • A man can appreciate the greatness in him,that is ‘The Gladiator’.
  • A man thrives on competition.
  • Importantly, a man isn't careless with his dressing. A man dresses to stand out
  • Let me leave you with this quoteS. “For a man to achieve all that is
  • expected of him, he must regard himself greater than he is.” ~ Johann Wolfgang
  • You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” ~ Galileo Galilei
  • When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.” ~ Louis Nizer
  • Many of the greatest accomplishments of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.”
Leave any additions to this article in the comments section by answering this question: what characteristics does the ideal man possess?

Toluwani Adesegha is a speaker and Writer with enormous influence in life motivation. He blogs at  

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