Part of our integrity to promoting African writers and Youth pop culture is creating an avenue/hub where Youths can feel free to discover themselves in a world that is decided by major key actors. The Volts Franchise is an organization that believes in promoting youth lifestyle and empowerment of youths to do greater things, a franchise that creates an avenue for individuals to connect and be productive.

Over the past years, we started out with a Print Magazine and upgraded to an online platform for easy access of readers across Africa with 100% youth oriented contents. In respect of this vision, We are pleased to announce that Volts Africa would now be opening a new franchise called "VOLTS TV".

Volts TV is an online TV that is a step forward from where the dream started, we hope to bring more African youths connected by telling their African stories in a visualized way rather than writing. The launching which is set for a latter day in the month of August would bring forth, the birth of a new Empire.

Watch this space.

The official logos and images would come soon.

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