So, couple of months ago, i traveled with some friends to Ibadan, the largest City in West Africa in search of a local delicacy, "Amala". Amala so happens to be the official food of any Ibadan Indigene and they never shy away from the sight of their ancestral

Amala is a local staple among the Yoruba people that has caught on among other tribes and even beyond the shores of the country. It is made out of yam/cassava flour. The yam flour Amala is the more popular one and it has a brownish/black colour after preparation while the cassava flour Amala (also known as Amala lafun) has a white colour after preparation. Common soups used to eat Amala include: Egusi, Efo riro (a mixture of diced vegetables and meat/fish with pepper), ogbono soup, gbegiri soup, okro soup and ewedu soup (a popular draw soup made from vegetables).

It is not to be heard anywhere that a visit to Ibadan is complete without a visit to an “Amala joint” and here we shall have a look at popular Amala joints in Ibadan.We were all up for the groove, moving from spots to spots all in search of the ultimate Amala Joint in Ibadan. It's no news to the people of Nigeria that the best Amala meals are made in Ibadan, Home to the best cultural heritage of Yoruba people alongside Ile-Ife and Ijebu Kingdom.

After enticing our taste buds to different Buka made meals of Amala, we compiled the very best 5 Amala Joints in Ibadan for you. Enjoy!!!

  • Skye Bank/ Ose Olohun

The most popular on this list, it is located along the Bodija/UI road and the popular name of the canteen is inspired by its proximity to the Skye Bank branch at Bodija. It is very popular among UI students, Bank officials and people all around Ibadan. Recently, Kcee of the 5-star music label and his crew dropped by this restaurant to sample the popular Amala for themselves. I can imagine they found it very nice indeed.
  • Inastrait, Ibadan
Opened in the Mid ‘70s, it is said by local legend that a couple of expatriates then went to the restaurant to have a taste of the popular Amala and after eating, asked the owner of the restaurant ( the late Alhaja Muslimat Tijani) for their bill in English. Due to most elderly people those days not having had much in the way of education, the woman didn’t understand what they asked her and after some minutes of both parties trying to communicate, in frustration one of the men asked if she was an illiterate which she then repeated as “inastrait”? Everyone burst out laughing and due to the self-deprecating good humor of Alhaja Tijani, from that moment on the restaurant had its now popular name. It has since continued to maintain the high standards in local dishes it has been known for since then, and particularly Amala. It is located beside the cultural Centre and has other outlets at the state secretariat and behind the first bank branch beside the Arisekola mosque.
  • Mama Anat
Located beside the department of Anatomy in the University of Ibadan hence the name. Frequented by lecturers, students and visitors to UI. She cooks with her local stove which most of her die-hard customers swear is behind the distinctive taste of her food.
  • Iya Dunni
Iya dunni was the first we visited. The woman who owns the restaurant was a former of the State government and was a one time President of the Cooking women Association in the state. This is located at Challenge roundabout and caters to the culinary needs of people in/around challenge with a taste for Amala. Her restaurant is an especially big hit among the people who work around Challenge/ Ring road.

These and many more are places where a visitor to Ibadan can get a nice, affordable meal of Amala and the trimmings. 
What are you waiting for? don’t hesitate before you pay a visit to the closest restaurant in Ibadan for your taste of Ibadan Amala.

Did we miss any thing?

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