Just a week after leading one of the biggest stories in the tech world. The first investment by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which is a $24 Million Series B round of funding into Andela, Iyin Aboyeji announced he was leaving behind ANDELA.

According to this report, Iyin is leaving the company he co-founded with Jeremy Johnson some years back to start a payments company known as Flatterwave

What is Flutterwave?
Flutterwave is a platform that allows merchants make and receive payments across multiple platforms. Apparently, it has been in private beta for weeks now.

This move is coming after Andela raised $24 million from the Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan foundation. With the funding, and as Andela had started making a global impact, Iyin’s exit is a timely one as it came when the proverbial ovation is loudest. But we all knew he was going, even before it was made official by the announcement.

The elongated silence from him that followed the brouhaha that was the Nigerian tech community’s response to the foreign media excluding Iyin from the list of founders of Andela when they announced the $24 million, fuelled the speculations that he was on his way out.

All facts dating back irrefutably indicate that Andela was Iyin’s baby weaned from an already existing platform; Fora.


While there maybe ‘some’ value talking about why Iyin left Andela and the circumstances surrounding him leaving, we need to elevate the conversation. When compared to what Iyin will focus on when he takes a bow at Andela, Flutterwave, the former conversation pales. For clarity here are the two conversations:
The circumstances surrounding his leaving Andela and the heralding signals
His new mission; Flutterwave and Africa’s payments challenges

In my opinion, Conversation 2 holds more value for our tech ecosystem than Conversation 1.

Africa’s Payment System Remains Broken

Flutterwave is taking on a major challenge in doing business with Africa and Africans. Iyin has penned a valuable piece here. There is also an interesting conversation he had with The Macro here. These are the items that should concern the African ecosystem more.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from The Macro piece:

“When you look at how payments work in the developing world, you start to realize that it’s a lot more complicated than in the US. There’s a huge number of different payment options, and different reasons for people to use each. By making it easy for any merchant, no matter where they are located, to process all of the available payment options, Flutterwave is changing how money moves for an entire continent. That’s a huge idea, E has an incredible team to attack it.”
-Aaron Harris, Partner at Y Combinator”

Andela’s Work Is Still Very Important
Issues or no issues, Andela’s work in Africa is still very relevant and important. It may matterthat there was a Nigerian Co-founder but the point remains that even without one the continent desperately needs Andela to keep going.

While we can choose to criticize the startup constructively where needed, we should avoid conversations that will inhibit the work the startup is doing. The work is still far from over, we should provide support where necessary.

Here’s a relevant case Iyin made about this:
While I am sad to be scaling back my involvement with Andela at such an exciting time in its evolution, I am fully confident in the team’s ability to execute on Andela’s vision. Seni Sulyman, Director of Andela Lagos, has spent several years driving strategy and execution for some of today’s most important technology companies, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be instrumental in driving Andela closer to its goal of producing 100,000 developers across Africa in the next ten years.
I am particularly more excited about the work Wambui Kinya will be doing and what that means for Andela because #womenintech. There are generally fewer women in her role on the scene so it’s exciting to have such a great addition. This is what excites me. We also love covering stories on #womenintech. Furthermore, she definitely has the experience.

Iyin Will Still Remain An Advisor At Andela
While we don’t hold brief for the Andela team, the fact that Iyin will remain an advisor appears to be a good sign. If there were any issues, it appears to have been sorted out or so we think. Again, no one can tell for sure that there were issues.

Iyin remains an inspiring startup leader who has added immense value to our ecosystem. It is refreshing to know he will still be contributing useful ideas to the talent accelerator.

While everyone has a right to their opinions and what they look for in a story, it’s important that we don’t lose the plot. It would really be great and valuable that going forward we place our priorities rightly when it comes to stories like this one so better ideas can flow.

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