Greetings Readers !

It is with great joy that I welcome you to my latest contribution : my column within which I aspire to share with you a subjective approach to the modern experience of a young lady in Lagos. I've been given certain liberties with this wonderful tool , to embark upon my own investigative journeys , speaking to and for those whose messages I personally believe in. Volts is a key to numerous conferences and cultural events , which I've enjoyed exploring and will continue to frequent , led by my passion for the arts and my inherent curiosity as a writer.

Wondering what I could possibly have to write on a weekly basis ? Well , I would like to introduce you to my column based on many experiences , the people I've met and situations I've encountered. I'm going to write articles relating to lifestyle , health , entertainment and most of all , I will write whatever inspires me , what is dear to me. I am looking forward to sharing with you what's on my mind.  The great thing about being a personal columnist is that I can write almost whatever I want.
As a student , I've had the privilege of meeting a wide range of people with different personalities , backgrounds , lifestyles , name it.  I had several articles written down for future projects. But that can't be compared to what I'm starting now as a contributing writer for Volts Magazine.

So how does all these relate to my column ? I'm here to answer questions & importantly state my opinion to Social etiquette issues , relationship & lifestyle. From "Is there a good way to dump someone or get dumped" or "Things women should do to keep their man" to "Coolest fashion bloggers" or "Handy list of upcoming trend". We all experience different issues on a daily basis and I'm here to answer the questions every Monday.

So where do we go from here ? I need you , the readers , to start submitting your questions by sending me an email to and remember to look out for my column every Monday starting next week.

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