Feels like yesterday that I lost you
Only that it was
One moment you were there
The next you were gone

I remember how you tickled my ears
The sweet soothing sounds you whispered
And sometimes shouted
Oh, how I miss you

Your softness as it traced both sides of my face
When I was with you, nobody else mattered!
You shut the rest of the world out
And for me, that was just fine

No longer here to aid me through my hellish days

I can’t find another like you, I swear it
For your type is hard to come by
Heck, I had to pilfer you off someone
And now someone’s done that to me too

I’ll miss you, will move on
Maybe find some substandard replacement for you
Or pilfer one of your rare sisters(should o get the chance) off someone else
But you will always, always remain my special earpiece
But now you’re gone
No longer here to sing me to sleep
No longer here to alleviate my boredom

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