My ears perked up as the mountain of a vehicle came into my master's compound. It wasn't my master's car. It had an unusual revving,loud and announcing and I found it rather unpleasant. A big burly man stepped out of the car,like he owned the place. I watched him walk into my master's house without affront. Picking up his scent, I followed.

What I met in the sitting room made me want to gag the dog biscuits Audu the gateman fed me earlier. Right there, In the chair that my wonderful master found most comfortable, in the chair that he would lounge in and let me rest my head upon his lap, I saw his wife and this, this intruder in some form of locked embrace.

enraged,I barked. unfortunately it didn't matter;they seemed determined to keep at it. they had started kissing,and I watched this man touch the places on his wife that belonged to my sweet sweet master. I couldn't take any more of it and lunged forward. I knew master had warned me not to bite,but this was obviously something I couldn't stand..there was no way I could let this sleeping dog lie.

My action seemed to have gotten their attention at least. The intruder yelped and clutched the hand my teeth had sunk into. my master's wife, the traitor screamed and rushed to his side,shooting me venomous glances.
I panted,the taste of blood sparkling something in me. But then my master's wife turned on me and shooed me out of the house.

How long they were in there I don't know,but soon enough the intruder left ,of course with a bandaged hand. I barked again at him,half happy he was leaving and half reminding him how sharp my teeth were should he dare return.

Master's wife came over and tried to kick me,but the wench missed and landed on her backside.. Dumb Woman.

When master came home though, it was as though nothing happened. She rushed to him,flinging herself on him and smothering him in kisses; I felt the urge to gag again, this time on the raw meat Alice had been so kind to feed me with.

But that would displease my master, and my master displeased was the last thing I wanted.. After kissing his wife,he came over to pat me on the head. always a pleasure..

I wished I could tell him. tell him what a cheat his wife was. As she hugged and stroked and kissed him,I shook my head.

Humans were despicable!!!

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