Unhealthy eating takes form  in consuming food with low or no nutritional value.  The habits may include from over-resting before going to bed to eating while doing something either driving , running , walking or reading.     

     5 Eating Habits to avoid are ; 

-Skipping Breakfast : 
               This is one major habit quite a number of people can relate to. Even myself.  I honestly can't  consume anything before 11:30am. It's really unhealthy as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now , skipping breakfast drains your energy but also makes you want to snack throughout the day.  Skipping breakfast also disrupts your metabolism , and causes you to burn few calories. So If you're trying to lose weight and you think this is a right step , please note ; Skipping Breakfast Is Not A Good Idea. 

-Emotional Eating :
               Emotional eating or stress eating occurs when you're driven by an emotion to eat even when you're not hungry. Few people that are sad or depressed tend to be Emotional Eaters. Rather than eat to ease tension , I'd suggest one should spend quality time with friends or take up a hobby.  

-Food Binging :
             Eating large amounts of food in one sitting. Some people go with the excuse that, "I haven't had anything to eat all day" and consume more than enough before going to bed. Do you often eat beyond your fullness ? You might want to train yourself to eat several small healthy meals in a day, so you can avoid Binging. 

-Eating During Other Activities :
             If you eat while watching TV , while working , while walking or even reading then you're also developing an unhealthy eating behaviour. When you eat while you're doing other activities , you're unable to measure how much you eat. As a result , you tend to overeat without even knowing.  Try to have specific schedule for eating. Have designated place exclusively for eating.  

-Eating Late At Night : 
             Having an occasional late night snack is fine , but if you can't go to bed without having Biscuits or chocolates , then you could be settling for weight gain. Eating too close to bedtimes also causes sleeping difficulty. 

                               Strive For Moderation , Not Perfection !  

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