An Aphorism is a statement that expresses a general truth or an opinion.  Aphorism can be expressed in a concise and witty manner.  Here are some Aphorisms from the Parisans fashion book.

•Don't be afraid of ageing. As the saying goes, don't be afraid of anything but fear itself.
• Find 'your perfume' before thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years.
•No one should ever see your gums when you talk or laugh.
•If you own only one sweater, make sure its cashmere.
• Wear a black bra under a white blouse, like two notes on a sheet of music.
•One must live with the opposite sex, not against them.
•Go to the theatre , to museums and to concerts as often as possible; It gives you a healthy glow.
•Be aware of your qualities and your faults. Cultivate them in private but don't obsess.
•Make it look easy. Everything you do should seem effortless and graceful.
•Not too much makeup , too many colours , too many accessories.
• Be your own knight in shining armor.
•Take a deep breathe and Keep it simpale.

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