Morning readers, 

So do you ever just wake up on the wrong side of bed sometimes and end up getting pissed at the little things and then you don’t realize it, but you stat snapping at everyone. Those days can be endless sometimes and we just end up pushing people away by dwelling on it. So for some of us who happens to be having one of days, here’s a little something I wrote to help...

 Bad Day to New Day

We all have those mornings 
Where it seems life is in mourning
Where we know the day would bear no gift
Where the little things just worsen the grief

Like waking up to darkness and an empty bed
To the huge stain on your office shirt
Then comes the traffic we'd have to sit through
Taking the wrong turns on issues
Accepting the blame for things we didn't do
Looked upon like your the fool

Those days always seem like they'd never end
Like they could be devil sent
They'd drag and drag till your bitter and anger filled
You can't control the anger 
now everyone is suffering from it

But your probably not the only one
The person next to you could be having one
Those days would surely come
But we must not let the anger consume us
We must not drown in our bitterness

Bad day can turn to Bad days
But that's only if we don't make it end
We must move beyond the anger beyond the pain
Like Moving beyond clouds beyond rain 
till the sun shines till it's a new day

Hope you feel better...

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