Each day I wake up to clean the house
Sweep the rooms and make the food
As I watch my brothers go to school
But I am made to stay at home
Because they say for me school is of no use

My only use they say is to keep the home of a man
You must obey him at all times
Subject to him all your life
Give to him all your pride

But what if I don't?
I will be mocked they said
Even beaten for my disrespect
Dumped for lack of sense

No offense but all this sounds ridiculous
What gives them so much power to dictate to us
How dare they tell us what we can make of us
How dare they try to ridicule us

Because we are women?
Because they think we are still girls?
Because we are called the weaker sex?
Because they think that actually makes us feel weak?

Well I refuse to be weak
I refuse to be belitted
I refuse to be ridiculed
I am a woman
Not a servant
Not a decoration
Not an instrument

I want to be loved
Not the ludicrous love they speak of
But the one I've always dreamed of
The one the bible speaks of

I want a career
Not a cleaning or a cooking one
But one where I get to call the shots
My progress is all I want

I want a home
Where we both leave for work
Where we both compromise for love
Where competition is never involved

Don't tell me I can't have it
Don't tell me not to want it
Don't try to stop me

I am a woman
I will progress
I shall take into account only what counts for me
For girls
For women.

Happy International Girl Child Day.
If you're a girl, lady or Woman, you know your worth! Don't let them tell you who you are, you tell them who you are, who you want to be and never back down from it. Go get your progress ladies!!

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